Loyalty360 Shares Blackhawk Executive’s Insights on the State of Customer Loyalty

A leading resource for all things customer loyalty, Loyalty360recently sat down with our own vice president of sales, Bill Warshauer, to gain a deeper understanding of the state of customer loyalty; the shift from physical to digital outlets; and just how vital data is for brands looking to increase ROI.

Throughout the discussion, Bill shared the major challenges facing brands today and offered some insight into what they can do to address them:

  • How customer loyalty is shifting to incent. A lot of brands are looking to incent consistent behavior and engagement with their different constituencies and that drives the need for them to be rewarded and incented in a more frequent and timely manner.
  • Brands need to engage with customers where they are in real-time. An example of how to do this is by using a real-time tool, such as a digital, near-real-time catalogue of offerings to be leveraged and filtered based on the type of customer you’re looking to incent.
  • The physical to digital channel shift. The future is empowering participants with the opportunity to select and leverage a reward where they want to go and engage, whether it be through mobile wallets, in-app purchases, tap-to-pay or other digital tools.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a surprise-and-delight campaign. These engagement tactics are becoming a highly-used tool. It’s a low denomination reward that is providing value to loyal customers in their normal, day-to-day lives. Bill shared examples such as a free cup of coffee or donut on us as common and impactful ways to surprise and delight.

Bill also touched on the importance of data in making many of these ideas become a reality, including how data can aide in tracking timeliness, repeat visits and incremental spend that proves value and increases ROI.  

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