Dunkin’ Donuts Drives Membership with eGift Card Promotion

A Dunkin’ Donuts eGift Card Partnership Yields 2x Customer Acquisition

With an intensely loyal customer base, Dunkin’ Donuts wanted to formalize how it rewarded its customers on a regular basis. After launching the DD Perks® Rewards Program in 2014, the brand was looking for a way to drive increased visitation and increase DD Perks® membership. Dunkin’ Donuts leveraged CashStar technology to launch a third-party eGift Card promotion for customer acquisition.

This promotion drove a 50%+ increase in-store and app visits in just two five-week periods. Additionally, the campaign bolstered enrollment at 2x the normal rate during each of the 5-week periods.

Learn How Dunkin’ Donuts Improved Results

Leveraging Digital Rewards

Customers responded positively to the eGift card reward component, leading to increased loyalty and ROI.

Efficient Fulfillment

The sheer volume of those who took advantage of the promotions required effort and creativity across multiple experienced teams to provide quick and easy delivery to app users.

Third Party Strategy

Partnering with the CashStar team to solidify an effective third party strategy allowed Dunkin’ Donuts to expand brand presence in emerging markets like Los Angeles as operations expanded in the west.